I’m not reviewing this place because it needs it, I’m reviewing it so people know I have good taste. I miss growing up near here so much. The love and care put into the food here helped shaped my eating habits/taste in my later teens. Also got me over food issues and initiate interest in cooking! Grégoire himself showed up often back when I frequented pre-pandemic but positive the quality has been maintained. Once you experience that kind of intentional menu, you can never go back.

V. Lopez

The fried potato puffs are not to be missed. Every dish I’ve tried is excellent. Lunch menu is 4-5 protein options served as either sandwiches or salads. There’s a soup of the day and a few dessert choices. Even though I live in Fremont and generally prefer more ethnic food (sushi, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, Afghan), this is starting to be my go-to spot to bring out of town visitors!!

A. Cecilia Mogal

What on earth? How did I not know about Grégoire before the pandemic!? I got takeout thinking it was going to be yet another faux-French joint that would be pretty good but not 100%. I’m totally blown away – it is amazing! The puff pastry is perfection! The flavors of everything are all well balanced and the textures masterful. Wow. This has vaulted past all my other faves in the area and is officially my go-to Berkeley spot.

J. Harness

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